Hotel-Motel Industry

“I think the machine is very important piece of equipment for the hotel we have. Every hotel and/or kitchen should have one, even every home should have one. What I like the most about the machine is that it’s able to clean the dirt and grime off the bathroom floors. I was also very pleased with the way it clean the grills in our banquet kitchen, The smoke off the walls and the dirt right off the carpet. Every Hotel has to spot clean their carpets, and I think this machine is the ideal piece of equipment to do that”.

Thomas Billups
Executive Housekeeper
Villa Hotel, San Mateo, CA

“This is the only machine I know of that converts a smoker’s room into a non-smokers room in less than an hour. In our bathrooms we use the steamer for cleaning mirrors, sinks, tub’s, faucets, floors and vents which eliminates mold, mildew and odors. In the living areas we use it on walls, furniture, beds, AC coils and carpets. An unexpected bonus was the ability to clean and press our draperies without taking them down. This process was normally time consuming and expensive”.

Brandon Robinson
Courtyard Marriott

Floors Carpets

Speed mop linoleum, hardwood and marble floors. The service is dry within minutes! Remove stains, gum, Greece, wax and more. Dry steam and spot clean carpets and rugs.

Tile Grout

The best tile and grout cleaner available. No Kostic cleaners!

Walls Ceilings

Remove stains, mold in mildew, nicotine, and more, from painted walls, wallpaper in ceilings, no ladder needed! Clean mini blinds as they hang. No mess or rips. Dry steam and freshen drapes, remove wrinkles, dirt and odors.


Sanitize bedding and mattresses as well as pillows and curtains. Echo steam kills dust mites and Minnie known allergens.


Remove spots, stains, gum and odor from upholstery.

Air Conditioning

Clean from vents to coils. Your system run more efficiently, smell fresh and clean.

Elevators Escalators Threshold

Keep elevator tracks and escalator platform is performing at peak performance!


Sanitize tile and grout, bathroom dividers, sinks, fixtures and toilets. Remove odors! Get rid of soap scum on shower doors and walls without scrubbing. Eliminate mold and mildew easily.

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