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“Being a University hospital, one of our biggest primary concerns has to be sanitation, and dealing with chemicals because of the amount of people and illness we have coming through here. This machine cleans without chemicals. And it really does it quick. Taking around the kitchen, I have cleaned walls, Friars, grills – – I’ve seen it work. I definitely recommend it”!

Tim Deenan, Senior Food Service Supervisor
University of California, San Francisco

“Thank you for introducing our restaurant to a better way of cleaning. We have noticed a major difference in a restaurant as a result of the dry steam machine. Our head chef loves the echo steam and uses it daily. He uses the machine to clean everything from the floor to the ceiling. Some of his favorite applications are cleaning the grill, oven, hood, Fryers, walls and restrooms. I recommend your product to be used in all facilities, especially eating establishments”.

Pete Moore, General Manager
Bobby Valentines Sports Gallery Cafe

“As you are aware we have had the unit a few months now and it is been working out fantastic! Some of the positives of the machine use in the McDonald’s environment are the productivity of the maintenance and crew personnel when using the machine, basically they get more cleaning done. The other positive is that it’s great for use here is the safety of the machine, anyone is able to use it with very little instruction so it gets used very often”.

Anthony Landas
Owner, McDonalds’s

Ovens Grills Burners

Dissolve grease off ovens, stove tops, burners in no time. Remove burnt on grease off grills and pans.

Refrigerators Freezers

Clean inside walls and compartments of refrigerators while illuminating all odors. Clean door gaskets with never before ease and without removing. Clean walk-in freezers while they are on and without the frosting.


Detail, clean, and sanitize food packaging equipment, meat slicer’s, mixers, and ice machines without any chemicals! Remove mineral buildup in dishwasher’s without acids.

Vent A Hoods

Most all hard surfaces, from the vent hoods in stainless to the walls and base coves.

Floors Carpets

Clean linoleum, hardwood in concrete floors, plus carpets and rugs. Removes grease, stains, spots, gum, wax and build up. The floor will dry in minutes!

Tile Grout

The best tile and grout cleaner available. No caustic cleaners!


Sanitize tile and grout, bathroom dividers, sinks, fixtures and toilets. Remove odors while you clean!

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