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“I thought I had seen it all, but after months of use, I wonder how I got along without it. I’m able to use it from open to close, day in and day out. It’s a faster way to get better results, just as you said, but the durability was frankly an unexpected surprise. To be able to do everything, from top to bottom with one piece of equipment is an interior mans dream come true”

Mark Stephens
Detail Dept. Mgr.
Youngblood Chrysler
Plymouth Nissan

“The steam cleaners have been nothing but positive for our express detail programs, cutting our cleaning time and improving the quality of our finished product. They’ve increased our revenues and profits dramatically, they cut detail time in half, and the seats, matts, and floorboards are left virtually dry. It is an amazing machine that has become an integral an indispensable element to Auto Magic, assisting us in our mission to exceed our customers best expectations we couldn’t do it without them”.

Christopher Orman
Detail Manager
Auto Magic

Carpets Upholstery Headliners

Deep clean and fresh and fabrics almost instantly. Remove gum, lipstick, Kris and Deep stains. Eliminate odors. Easily clean vinyl and leather, even in the cracks in crevices. Fabrics, carpets, and Matt Straw in minutes!

Hard-to-Reach Areas

Clean dashboards, AC vents, center consuls, armrest, ashtrays, cupholders, and more.


Illuminates need for glass cleaner. Glass stays cleaner longer. Removes glue seepage from back Windows as well as remove stickers and lettering from new car windows.

Eliminate Odors

From smoke and pet odors to mold, mildew in musty trunks. They are terminated without a touch of steam!


Remove wax in compound from moldings, bumpers and detail area. Remove bugs, clean vinyl tops, white walls in chrome.

Also, clean your office in customer lounge areas, water fountains and restrooms.

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